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Would you put these items in a time capsule?

June 09, 2020

Would you put these items in a time capsule?

In search of ideas for Father’s Day? Yeah, us too! We’re happy to share what we’ve found. This time, geared toward Dad.

Camp out, at home 

If the Dad in your life loves the outdoors, then build him a campsite! Pitch a tent, make a fire pit, and roast marshmallows. Have everyone sit in a circle and go around sharing what Dad does that makes them feel loved. Let the day fade into night - and let the little ones stay up a little later. Light sparklers, play Dad’s favorite tunes, and stargaze. If you don’t have a yard, you can still build one indoors and use your stove-top as the campfire! The s’mores will taste just as delicious, I promise 😉

Make a time capsule

We’re certainly experiencing history in the making and this will be a Father’s Day to remember. What better way to remember it than to create a time capsule?! Use an old mason jar - tightly sealed to protect your precious memories. Here’s a checklist of what to include so that you record the day itself as well as meaningful events over the past year. Note: this may take some prep, OR you can spend the day collecting them together!

1. The front page of your local daily newspaper
2. Clippings (or print-outs) of major sporting event victories like the Super Bowl
3. Clippings (or print-outs) of major awards won in the humanities (like Nobel prizes) & pop culture (like the Academy Awards)
4. Ticket stubs from concerts, movies, sporting events, etc.
5. A screenshot of your favorite playlist
6. Each family member’s favorite app and why (option to include a screenshot)
7. A list of popular expressions
8. A sports trading card (or other collectible)
9. A sample of product packaging (like a Coca-Cola can!)
10. A photo of the outside of a local gas station (including the price board!)
11. A photo of the outside of your favorite restaurant (bonus: include a page from their menu!)
12. Family photos including one that’s taken that day
13. Interior and exterior photos of your home
14. Photos of Dad’s workplace and the kiddos’ school
15. Letters from Dad to his kiddos
16. Letters from the kiddos to Dad (and Mom!)
17. Letters from Grandparents
18. Letters from Aunts and Uncles
19. Articles forecasting the future of science, technology, and other areas of endeavor 
20. Your family’s predictions for the future

Happy Father's Day!

A special happy Father’s Day to the man behind Le Petit Garden - my husband, Bernard. And to all the Dads out there who provide for their family, who stay at home, who’ve lost a Dad, who’ve lost a child, who are struggling to become a Dad... You’re our other half ❤️

Always growing,

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