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Virtual Event

What's included:

  • Virtual meeting room (Zoom) provided
  • 1-hour time frame for plant workshop
  • Plant Kits mailed to participants in advance of event date
  • Dedicated and experienced workshop Guide to guide your group from start to finish and answer any questions
  • The Virtual Event offers much more than we can pack into our instructional postcard! Our Guide will cover these topics: Difference between interior/exterior plants; Emotional/physical benefits of plants; Plant personalities; Fun facts about the specific plants your group is planting; How to replicate your plant's native habitat; Fun facts about the "ingredients" to mix your potting mix "recipe"; Plant care: pruning, watering, repotting, and fertilizer; How to avoid or rid your plant of plant pests
  • Maximum 300 adults or children (we can accommodate more guests or multiple sessions for an additional fee - just ask!)
  • Open dialogue throughout the session (for groups of 20 or less)
Cost of Plant Kits not included in Event Fee

    How it works:

    Choose a Plant Kit for your guests OR let them choose their own! Whether you are all potting the same plant or different plants, every participant will make their own potting mix to replicate the plant's native habitat. Choose from succulents (and mix le désert recipe), Parlor Palms (la jungle recipe), or English Ivy (la forêt recipe). At no extra cost, every guest will receive soil toppings for a fun, finishing touch! 

    Cost of Plant Kits:

    • Petit: $45/person + tax
    • Regular: $54/person + tax
    • Shipping is included! 

    We require at least 2 weeks' advance notice for Virtual Events. Purchasing your Virtual Event online secures your date and time. We will e-mail you within 48 hours to finalize the details. Facile!


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