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Surround yourself with nature's embrace and tap into the therapeutic power of plants with our Plant Workshop. Plants and well-being go hand-in-hand. Learn why as well as tips and tricks to have indoor plants survive so you can thrive. Designed with employee engagement in mind, this workshop offers an unparalleled experiential gift, fostering both workplace wellness and modern corporate engagement. Each attendee will make their own potting mix to replicate their plant's native habitat, ensuring optimal growth. Participants are gifted a beautifully crafted ceramic container, a subtle conversational piece suitable for any desk or home office and versatile enough for repurposing as their plant matures. Will your participants be captivated by the allure of the 'Desert', potting hardy succulents? Or perhaps the rich, dense appeal of the 'Jungle', potting vibrant foliage plants? Venture into this nature-inspired workshop, and discover the multifaceted benefits of indoor plants.

How It Works:
Request your preferred date & time.
For in-person events, we'll arrive 30 minutes in advance to set up the supplies. For online events, we'll mail kits to your participants in time for your live instruction. Shipping is free. You'll also receive a Zoom link to join the virtual class.

Each Kit Includes:
1 ceramic container (5” diameter, 4.5” tall)
1 Parlor Palm or Echeveria Succulent plant (4" diameter) 
1 bag Lava Rock
3 bags pre-measured potting mix "ingredients"
1 bag Soil Toppings
Creates 1 potted plant.


This 1-hour guided workshop offers much more than we pack into our instructional postcard! Here's what to expect during your eco-experience...

0:00-0:10 Welcome participants and introductions. Overview of workshop and review of supplies. 

0:10-0:20 The importance of bringing plants inside. What is the difference between an interior and exterior plant? Plant personalities and plant care: water, sunlight, etc.

0:20-0:35 Blending the potting mix to replicate the plant’s native habitat and description of ingredients (i.e. origin and function):

  • Jungle (Parlor Palm)
  • Desert (Echeveria Succulent)
  • 0:35-0:50 Prepping the root system for potting. Potting your plant. Soil toppings - decorative AND functional. How to avoid or rid your plant of plant pests.

    0:50-0:60 More about plant care: fertilizer and repotting followed by Q&A.

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