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Make a Body Scrub


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Learn all about all-natural bath and body care in this refreshing workshop! We'll supply you and your guests with everything you'll need to make your own exfoliating body scrub.

How It Works:
Request your preferred date & time.
For in-person events, we'll arrive 30 minutes in advance to set up the supplies. For online events, we'll mail kits to you and your guests in time for your live instruction. Shipping is free. You'll also receive a Zoom link to join the virtual class.

Each Kit Includes:
1 ceramic container (5” diameter, 4.5” tall)
1 airtight bamboo cap
1 bamboo spoon
1 bag exfoliant
1 jar essential oil (2 mL)
1 jar herbal essence (30 mL)
1 jar carrier oil (118 mL)
Creates 1 batch of body scrub in an airtight container.
All of our ingredients are certified organic.


This 1-hour guided workshop offers much more than we pack into our instructional postcard! Here's what to expect during your eco-experience...

0:00-0:10 Welcome participants and introductions. Overview of workshop and review of supplies. 

0:10-0:20 The hazards of modern-day soaps and scrubs. What’s the difference between dry and wet scrubbing? The physical benefits of body scrubs.

0:20-0:45 Blending the body scrub and description of ingredients (i.e. origin and targeted benefits):

  • Carrier oil
  • Essential oil
  • Exfoliant
  • Herbal essence 
  • 0:45-0:60 How and how often to use and shelf life followed by Q&A.