Plant Tea - Everything Edible

Plant Tea is a cold brew tea for plants - an all-natural, all-organic fertilizer. Our signature fertilizer contains beneficial microbes sourced from organic compost made in California. 

Everything Edible nourishes your herbs, vegetable plants and fruit trees for stronger roots and stems and more produce.

Although our tea is made from 100% organic compost, it does NOT have a foul odor - it is nearly odorless. In teabag form or brewed form, it has a trace earthy scent.

The directions are easy. Simply cold brew a teabag for 8-18 hours, stir to aerate, then pour around plant base or spray underneath leaves. Every package of Plant Tea includes 12 teabags. Use 1 teabag per plant in place of regular watering every 1-3 months, depending on the plant and the time of year. Apply tea within 24 hours of brewing.


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