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Virtual Event

What's included:

  • Virtual meeting room (Zoom) provided
  • 1-hour time frame for the workshop
  • Workshops mailed to participants in advance of event date
  • Dedicated and experienced workshop Guide to guide your group from start to finish and answer any questions
  • The Virtual Event offers much more than we can pack into our instructional postcard! Our Guide will cover additional topics related to your specific eco-experience.
  • Maximum 300 adults or children (we can accommodate more guests or multiple sessions for an additional fee - just ask!)
  • Open dialogue throughout the session (for groups of 20 or less)
Cost of workshops not included in Event Fee

    How it works:

    Choose a workshop for your guests OR let them choose their own! We'll provide you with a custom link to distribute to your group. They choose and "checkout" as if they're purchasing a workshop, but it won't require any payment information - just their shipping address. You'll pay the final invoice afterward, based on how many participants order a workshop using that linkAll orders must be placed at least 2 weeks prior to your Virtual Event, so the custom link will expire 2 weeks before the date of your event.


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