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In-Person Experiences

Yes! We will arrive 15-30 minutes before the booked start time, depending on the number of participants.

We’ve facilitated workshops using either round and rectangular tables. As long as each participant has a working space of at least 24” width x 12” depth, any size table will accommodate any one of our workshops.

You may arrange the tables in a row or scattered throughout the room. Regardless of the table layout, our Guide(s) walk around the room throughout the workshop, checking participants’ progress, answering questions, and connecting with the crowd.

That’s up to you! Typically, our hosts opt to have their guests sit for a more relaxed experience.

Yes, we require at least 20 participants for an in-person event. If, for some reason on the day of your event less people actually participate, you will still be charged for 20 workshops and you may keep the supplies from the unused workshops.

As long as you meet the minimum requirement for in-person events (i.e. 20 participants), you will not be charged for “no-shows”. For example, let’s say your headcount was 45 people, but only 40 actually participated. You will only pay for 40 workshops.

The limit does not exist! Depending on the number of participants, we’ll dispatch multiple Guides to your in-person or hybrid event. Our average ratio is 1 Guide to 30 guests.

We also have the option of setting up your experience ‘bar style’ rather than ‘class style’, meaning participants will approach a bar or table a few at a time, rather than sit or stand around tables simultaneously. This setup is popular at conferences and corporate events that last longer than 1-hour.

Virtual Experiences

Download this spreadsheet to copy/paste your guests’ mailing addresses and either email it to your Event Ambassador or securely upload it when you submit your event request.

We require the list of mailing addresses for a virtual event at least 2 weeks prior to the event date.

Yes! We ship all of our workshops internationally except for our Plant Workshop. There are customs restrictions around plants.

Domestic workshops ship free, while international shipping fees apply. These fees range $20 – $30 per mailing address, depending on where in the world your participant is located.

Your guests will receive their kits a few days prior to your virtual event.

Each kit includes everything needed for your eco-experience, except for our Candle Workshop, during which your guests will need access to a stove-top. To see the exact list of items included, simply visit the particular experience via our experiences page.

We use Zoom for all of our virtual experiences.

While we do not typically allow use of alternative virtual platforms, we do make exceptions for large-scale events. Simply let your Event Ambassador know this is something you’re interested in or provide the details surrounding your virtual event in the Message section when you submit your event request.

No, we do not have a minimum requirement for virtual events; however, we do charge a Small Group Fee of $99 for virtual events with less than 10 participants.

We can accommodate up to 1,000 guests for a virtual event.

We require the final headcount and complete list of mailing addresses for a virtual event at least 2 weeks prior to the event date. If, for some reason within 2 weeks of your event you need to add to your headcount, it may be a possibility to mail additional kits to additional participants, depending on the day we’re notified and/or the number of additional participants. Expedited shipping fees will apply.

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