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Stir your senses as you learn how to blend and brew organic herbs in our Herbal Tea Workshop! Pave your team's path to well-being as we merge practical wellness and meaningful experiential reward. Navigate through a palette of flavors, each thoughtfully curated to set the tone for your day or night. Will it be the invigorating 'Good Morning' blend, infused with natural caffeine to kick-start your day? Or perhaps the soothing 'Good Night' infusion, steeped in herbal remedies designed to guide you towards restful slumber? As you master the art of tea blending, each participant will also receive a chic air-tight ceramic container, a timeless piece that adds elegance to any kitchen. Emerge from the workshop feeling rejuvenated, connected, and empowered with a personalized tea blend that resonates with your mood. Ready to steep your way to wellness?

How It Works:
Request your preferred date & time.
For in-person events, we'll arrive 30 minutes in advance to set up the supplies. For online events, we'll mail kits to your participants in time for your live instruction. Shipping is free. You'll also receive a Zoom link to join the virtual class.

Each Kit Includes:
1 ceramic container (5” diameter, 4.5” tall)
1 airtight bamboo cap
1 bamboo spoon
2 bags pre-measured herbs relevant to recipe
1 jar catalyst herb (30 mL)
20 biodegradable, unbleached paper tea bags
Creates 20 single-use bags stored in an airtight container. Each bag brews 1 cup of tea.
All of our ingredients are certified organic.


This 1-hour guided workshop offers much more than we pack into our instructional postcard! Here's what to expect during your eco-experience...

0:00-0:10 Welcome participants and introductions. Overview of workshop and review of supplies.

0:10-0:15 What is the difference between an herb, spice, and tea? Which is better for your body - hot tea or cold tea? Journey around the world - tea traditions.

0:15-0:45 Blending and bagging the herbal tea and description of ingredients (i.e. native origin, flavor profile, and health benefits): 

  • Primary herb
  • Supportive herb
  • Catalyst herb
  • 0:45-0:60 How to brew, best storage practices, and shelf life followed by Q&A.

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