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On-Location Event

What's included:

  • Up to 1-hour time frame for potting workshop (class or bar-style)
  • Dedicated workshop Guide to guide your group from start to finish and answer any questions
  • Setup & cleanup
  • Travel up to 10 miles
  • Maximum 2,000 adults or children
Cost of workshops not included in Event Fee

    How it works:

    Choose a planter and a houseplant for your guests. Whether you all are potting the same plant or different plants, every participant will make their own potting mix to replicate the plant's native habitat. Choose from succulents (and mix le désert recipe), Parlor Palms (la jungle recipe), or English Ivy (la forêt recipe). We bring everything! Your guests will also have a wide variety of soil toppings to choose from. Soil toppings are decorative, yet functional! We'll tell all during your Plant Workshop - le suspense!

    Cost of workshops:

    • Petit: $29/person
    • Juvénile: $29/child
    • Regular: $39/person
    • Grande: $49/person
    • See photos for details about what's included in each Plant Workshop

    Purchasing your On-Location Event online secures your date and time! We will e-mail you within 48 hours to finalize the details!

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