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Organic Fertilizer - Everything Edible


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Everything Edible nourishes your herbs, vegetable plants and fruit trees for stronger roots and stems and more produce.

Plant Tea is a cold brew tea for plants - an all-natural, all-organic fertilizer. Our signature fertilizer contains beneficial microbes sourced from organic compost made in California. 

Although our tea is made from 100% organic compost, it does NOT have a foul odor - it is nearly odorless. In teabag form or brewed form, it has a trace earthy scent.

The directions are easy. Simply cold brew a teabag for 8-18 hours, stir to aerate, then pour around plant base or spray underneath leaves. Every package of Plant Tea includes 12 teabags. Use 1 teabag per plant in place of regular watering every 1-3 months, depending on the plant and the time of year. Apply tea within 24 hours of brewing.


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