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Virtual Event


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Our Virtual Event offers much more than we pack into our instructional postcard! Our workshop Guide will cover additional topics related to your specific eco-experience.

  • Secured Virtual Event date & time
  • Virtual meeting room (Zoom) provided
  • Workshops mailed to guests in advance of event date
  • Live instruction with an experienced workshop Guide
  • One-hour time frame for the workshop and Q&A
  • Virtual Event fee does not include the price of the workshops


For SAME version, download the spreadsheet to copy/paste your mailing addresses and securely upload the file below. Then, add the workshop to your cart and adjust for the total number of workshops in your cart.

For SELECT version, you'll receive an email with a custom link to distribute to your guests. They choose and "checkout" as if they're purchasing a workshop, but it won't require any payment information - just their shipping address. You'll pay the final invoice afterward, based on how many guests ordered a workshop using your custom link. All orders must be placed 2 weeks prior to your Virtual Event.